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Discussion in 'Licensing and activation' started by Haiping Zhao, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Hi, there,

    After one month of evaluation, I find MuJoCo an outstanding and thoughtful software with great strength on performance. Therefore I decided to purchase the software. Unfortunately, I didn't realize "buying it" takes several days (am I right here?) for the processing. This is less than ideal, as I just started the process on the last day of trial license expiration. I then have to stop my development and wait for a paid license to come alive. I would suggest a warning several days ahead from trial license. At the same time, will someone give me some magic help that extends my trial license just a couple of days to cover the gap, while I'm paying? Appreciate it.
  2. Ahh, never mind, got everything done within 3 hours :) I'm a happy hamster now.
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