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Discussion in 'Visualization' started by MJAS, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I'm using MuJoCo via OpenAI Gym. The XML files have group=<some number> attributes. I can't find anywhere in the documentation a description of what effect each value for group has on object visibility and other behaviours. e.g. if I change the group for a site from 4 to 1, it may become visible, but will there be other consequences?
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    Groups are only used for visibility by mujoco, but you can use them for other things as well -- it is convenient way to label objects with an integer. Note that you can also define user parameters, and have more than one user parameter per object.
  3. Thanks very much. As a Gym + mujoco_py user I wasn't clear if "group" has a fixed interpretation or is user-defined. Anyway, changing the group to 1 for class="robot0:DC_Hand" had the desired effect of allowing me to see all capsules in the Hand model, so this is resolved.