Textile draping simulation with MuJoCo

Discussion in 'Simulation' started by Marian K., Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    I working on a very interesting, new task for MuJoCo. In Fibre Composite Industry there are a lot of dynamic handling process of dry fibers. It's getting very interesting when these processes are to be automated. Thats why I was trying to setup a virtual draping experiment based on the popular dom draping experiment. There is a top and bottom plate with a hole in the middle. Inbetween, there is textile setup as type="cloth". Below there is a capsule that is pushing the textile upwards and forcing it to deform and to drape.


    The expacted result should be that the middle area of each side is moving inside. Like this:


    But unfortunatly the result directly after the draping process looks like that:


    As you can see, we got the expacted behavior on the top and the bottom side. Left and right is actually not moving inside. That's because the forces in direction of the connector lines behave differently than the forces between the connctor lines. After a few minutes, however, the expected result sets in:


    That shows us, that everything is happening as it would in reality. The only problem is, that the force are not set correctly. Is there a way to modify those force properties between the connector lines? Is there any possibility to setup more properties like rigid weft and warp and a rotation between weft and warp to adjust the draping behavior?

    Thanks for your help,