Rigid bodies with holes

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  1. Hi,

    I'm attempting to model some threaded fasteners, but it seems that holes are being filled upon import.
    An example is in the attached video, where the bolt cannot pass through the nut despite being noticeably thinner.

    Are there any .stl handling parameters that I can tweak to allow for holes in complex shapes like these?
    I understand that screw mechanics are likely out of the question and would need to be implemented manually, but having that simple scenario in the video working would be a good starting point.


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  2. The collision checker works with convex meshes only. Collision-wise, all meshes are replaced with their convex hull on import, hence no holes. You can approximate the hole by means of several primitive geoms (e.g. several cylinders) or you can try to get a convex mesh decomposition for your nut. There are tools such as the V-HACD library.
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  3. Ah I see, that is unfortunate.
    Thank you very much for the explanation, Florian!