Question about "sensor/touch" object orientation and "capsule" in site

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  1. Dear all,

    <site size=".02 .02" rgba="0 0 0 0" type="cylinder" ></site>

    I want to change the cylinder pose, the form above is standing, I want it to fall down or just want to rotate its orientation on my mind, which command can I use?

    I want to site a capsule type as a touch sensor, but with the code below, can not running will because I use "fromto". But I want to use "fromto" as in <geom/> to set the capsule type touch sensor's pose. Or any idea can help me rotate the orientation of the touch sensor capsule?

    Your help is grateful

  2. My QUESTION2's code:
    <site fromto="" rgba="" size="" type="capsule
  3. Thanks for the outstanding document, I can use euler="0 1.57 0" to modify it.
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