qpos/qvel vs actuator_length/ actuator_velocity

Discussion in 'Simulation' started by Eugene Valassakis, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. Hello,

    I am a bit confused as to what is the difference between qpos/qvel and the actuator_length/actuator_velocity?

    I know that there might be joints without actuators (therefore qpos/qvel have higher dimensionality), but even for the joints with actuators the values of between qpos, qvel and actuator_length, actuator_velocity differ.

    As a follow-up then, for implementing a PID controller outside of mujoco for joint position/velocity control should I do feedback with qpos/qvel or actuator_length/actuator_velocity? The built in position/velocity proportional controllers seem to use the later, although I am not sure why.

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