Python API?

Discussion in 'HAPTIX' started by Matt, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Hi there - Are there any plans to add a python interface in the future?

    Similar to how the mex file was created, I'm thinking the easiest way would be to add a few wrappers on the cpp file(s) for a shared object library for python?
  2. Emo Todorov

    Emo Todorov Administrator Staff Member

    There are no plans to add new interfaces to MuJoCo HAPTIX. However users can do that on their end using the C library, as you pointed out. If you want to write such a wrapper, and will find the existing MEX wrapper useful as a starting point, let me know.

    As for the MuJoCo Pro library, some of the current users have already written wrappers for Python, and hopefully will make them available once the library is publicly released. But the library shared-memory API is very different from the socket API in HAPTIX, so those wrappers are not likely to help here.
  3. Thanks for the reply; I wasn't sure of the API differences between HAPTIX and Pro.

    Has a release data for Pro been announced? I haven't been able to find one. There are a number of neat publications we're anxious to take a closer look at!
  4. Emo Todorov

    Emo Todorov Administrator Staff Member

    The Pro version will be released when I find the time to write the documentation. Sometime this summer. The software works fine, but currently the only people who can figure out how to use it are members of my research lab and close collaborators with access to the source code.
  5. I work on the HAPTIX program with Ripple LLC in Salt Lake City. I also am interested in using Python. The MEX wrapper would be very useful. Are you willing to give enough source to make and receive socket calls directly? Thanks.