mjvive.cpp with mujoco 1.50 and OpenVR 1.0.7

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  1. Figured I'd share this with the crowd in case other folks are looking for similar.

    This is a gist with mjvive.cpp updated to MuJoCo 1.50 and OpenVR SDK 1.0.7. The edits were very minor.

    mjvive.cpp is the whole updated mjvive, and minivive.cpp is a much simpler version without controllers. The makefile is a replacement for the makefile in mjpro150/samples which builds them.

    Note you have to copy the proper libraries (glew/openvr_api) and binaries into mjpro150/bin, and copy their respective headers into mjpro150/include. This is reasonably straightforward if you follow the compile errors.

    Gist https://gist.github.com/openai-vr/1e78eb568c2f4dbfc3395ff8143fd709
    GLEW (download the windows binaries, copy headers, lib and bin) http://glew.sourceforge.net/
    OpenVR (download the 1.0.7 ZIP, copy headers, lib and bin) https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/tree/v1.0.7

    Happy to answer questions if folks have any, and if you email me at aray@openai.com I'll probably be more responsive than on this forum.
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    Thanks Alex, I inserted a link to your Forum post in the online documentation where mjvive.cpp is documented (Programming chapter).

    On a related note, there is a new feature in MuJoCo 1.50 that is very useful in VR: ray selection. You can use it to emulate a hand-held laser pointer and select the object it is pointing to (instead of relying on the controller buttons as in the present code sample). I will add this to the official code sample when I get around to updating it. If anyone wants to implement this on their own in the meantime, look at the latest simulate.cpp - it illustrates how to use ray selection. In VR, the origin/direction of the selection ray should correspond to the controller and not the camera.