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    • Ability to work left-handed (i.e. mount camera on left, rotate markers onto left residuum, and on-screen representation of MPL show up as a southpaw).
    • Agreed-upon API for controlling the environment (e.g. execute tests under control of external software, such as MATLAB).
    • Validation that timing matches expected behavior of limb (i.e. 50 Hz update).
  1. Emo Todorov

    Emo Todorov Administrator Staff Member

    We will mirror the meshes and create a left-handed model. As for motion capture, the cameras will need to be moved to the left side of the subject, or the hand-tracking body will need to be mounted on the palmar side -- otherwise the markers will get occluded during pronation-supination movements.

    Re API for controlling the environment, we current have the MuJoCo-specific mjhx_reset function which takes an integer argument specifying a "keyframe". These keyframes are predefined configurations that can be saved in the model (see Settings / Sim dialog). The simulation then resets to the desired keyframe. What other control commands do we need?

    Re timing validation, the way to do it is the user-side code, because we are using a client-server model where all communications are initiated by the client (i.e. user). In MATLAB, simply type:
    tic; sensor = hx_update(command); toc