Is there a way to connect two clothes in several points?

Discussion in 'Modeling' started by Alexander Semochkin, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. We are considering Mujoco for the purchase of a license, if it is possible to simulate the objects we need in this simulator.
    I have two clothes that I want to connect with each other in several points. The combined object must also be a cloth. Is it possible and how to do this?

    <body pos="0 0 1"euler="180 90 90">
    <composite prefix="F" type="grid" count="9 15 1" spacing="0.05" offset="0 0 0">
    <skin material="matbagface" inflate="0.001" subgrid="3"t excoord="true"/>
    <geom size=".02" mass="0.01"/>​
    <body pos="0 0 0.01" euler="0 0 0">
    <composite prefix="G" type="grid" count="9 15 1" spacing="0.05" offset="0 0 0">
    <skin material="matbagback" inflate="0.001" subgrid="3" texcoord="true"/>
    <geom size=".02"mass="0.01"/>​
  2. Hello, florianw, it works ideally for 5x5 count of clothes, but when we try to increase count of geoms to 18x30 it simulated wrong, as in attached gif. Can we do anything to deal with it?

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