Invalid computer id when using result of getid_linux on docker contain

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  1. Hi! I download the file getid_linux and run it on my docker contain(ubuntu) and I get a computer id "LINUX__095".But when I sent this id to Roboti LLC to generate the activation key, it told me this id is not invalid. Is there any limit for docker contain?

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  2. Emo Todorov

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    There is no explicit limitation, but apparently the way MuJoCo gets the hard disk serial number to generate a computer id is not working on docker. It works on other virtual machines, but I have never tested it on docker so I really don't know what is going on there. I will put it on the todo list for future releases. In the meantime, just use some other Ubuntu installation.

    Note that trial and personal activation keys are hardware-locked, but institutional keys are not, so this will not be an issue. If you are working for an organization that is considering an institutional license, send me an email and I will generate a 30-day unlocked key for you.
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  4. Emo Todorov

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    Should be chmod, not chmox.

    You are right, I should add this to the documentation. My assumption was that the people who choose to live with the inconvenience of Linux are command-line pros and this would be obvious to them, like clicking an icon to open a file in Windows (which is why I use Windows :)
  5. Edited. Thanks. And now you know to always bear in mind, there's always some people (like me) that are very new to Linux :)
  6. Hi, I am on Slackware 14.2 and I also get invalid computer ID when I use the result of getid_linux (the result is `LINUX__095` ). I am using a student licence. How should I proceed? I don't want to install a separate OS just because of this. Will it work if I just use the serial number of my disk which can be found with this command `sudo smartctl -i /dev/sdX`? I am scared to try it in order not to make my license useless?
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  7. Emo Todorov

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    If getid_linux does not work, then the software will not work either. There are ways to get hardware info with sudo, but I don't want MuJoCo to require sudo, so the license manager is limited to what can be done without it.
  8. I have a feeling that the problem is related to the fact that I have an SSD which is recognized as nvme device (/dev/nvmeX) rather than a SATA device (/dev/sdX). Is there any way I can make it work by modifying my filesystem so that the necessary information is made available to MuJoCo? Thanks!
  9. Emo Todorov

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    I doubt there is anything you can do on your end; modifying the file system is likely to create a mess. I will look into this in the next release.
  10. Hi, I made the same mistake as you. Did you solve the problem? How?
  11. Hi, I also got an invalid computer ID:LINUX__095 on Ubuntu 12.04. What is the reason for this? What should I do?
  12. Hi, is there any progress about the use of mujoco 200 in docker? I find that the `getid_linux` binary file is same as mujoco 150, so could you give out one possible way to solve this? thanks very much.
  13. Hi. I have the same issue here, using dockers and can only get "LINUX__95" as the computer id. Can you email me a free trial license without hard-ware locking? I would really appreciate it. email:
  14. Hi. I am student in UCAS , China. I have the same issue , using dockers and can only get "LINUX__95" as the computer id. Can you email me a free trial license without hard-ware locking to me? I would really appreciate it. email: Thanks~
  15. It's 2020 July now. I still can't see there is a solution for this...
    A free trial license seems not the answer, as whatever key you get locks down to a 'computer id' (how old fashioned....)