How do I calculate the distance from the site to the edge of the gripper?

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    If you want to know if objects are touching, the best way to do it is to use the collision detector. You can also rely on the distance between objects of course, if you happen to know it, but computing distances in the general case can only be done by the collision detector.

    If you want to detect touch without generating contact force, you can use the gap parameter of contacts (set it to a large value). This will register the contact in but will not generate forces. You can then write code that examines and finds the contact you care about the checking the geom ids of each contact. Note that each contact record contains the distance between the two geoms.
  2. I found the distances in

    However, I am trying to compute the collisions in an off-policy way. I need to be able to take certain snapshots of the simulator and recombine parts of the state to recompute the collision.

    So, I need to save some representation of object1, object2, and have some separately callable collision function collision(object1, object2) that gives me the distance. How can I do that?
  3. Okay I figured it out. Limit the contacts to the first ncon contacts and simply check if gripper <-> block contacts are present within the first ncon contacts. It would be really helpful if the 'active' contacts being the first ncon contacts that was mentioned in the documentation.

    But, I still think it's strange that my solution didn't work. Even if the contacts aren't 'active', the contact.dist distances should still be accurate right? If so, my solution should've worked