Generation mobile robot from URDF to MJCF

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  1. Hello everybody!

    The problem is the following. I am generating the robot from xacro to urdf and it works fine in Gazebo, RVIZ, etc. URDF format assumes that I can put only one object in it. Hence, our robot is fully mobile according to a scene.

    When I convert my urdf to mjcf (the kinematic tree is attached), one of the bodies becomes fixed. Can I manage it on urdf level somehow? It's significant for me because I have to generate a family of robots and modify mjcf file each time is very time-consuming.

    URDF, MJCF files, and kinematic tree are attached.

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  2. UPD: I solved this issue by adding in urdf these lines
        <compiler fusestatic="false" inertiafromgeom="false" />
    And in XML ->
            <body name="body_1_part" pos="0 0 0.07">
                <inertial pos="0.0930046