Distributing modifications to the Unity Plugin (C# side)

Discussion in 'Support requests' started by Casey Carlin, May 29, 2019.

  1. Over the past few months I've made some significant reworks/improvements to to Unity-sde C# code to fix some problems and add features for the AI training regime we are implementing. I'm thinking about sharing this code in some capacity, but it looks like the current Unity-side code does not have any license attached. It's not clear to me what, if any, right I have to distribute this code outside of my organization. From my naive perspective, it seems like an open-source license (for the C# and python code) would be appropriate here.

    Related; are there any plans to set up a github repo or similar? It would appreciate a place to submit pull requests and fork.
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    Good to hear you are improving the C# code and are considering releasing it! I do not have the bandwidth to get involved in an open-source project and will likely become a bottleneck if I tried, so it is better if you host it however you see fit. I would be happy to include a link on the website somewhere.

    Re licensing, there is a LICENSE.txt file in the distribution that applies to all files, but you are correct that it does not say anything about distribution. I agree the C# and Python files should be open source. I don't want to do a re-release just for that, but can post the files here with modified license text in the header. Can you send the complete list of files you need?

    Also, which organization are you working for? (sorry if I am supposed to know the answer:)
  3. Thanks for getting back to me! I'm with Panasonic Beta.

    I've modified the CS files in tools/scripts and the python files in tools/extras so that's all I would need to have "licensed."
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    The attached archive contains all CS and Python files, with open-source license in the comments section at the top of each file.

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  5. Thank you!