Control input of actuator/motor (direct drive type)

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  1. Hi,

    I am building a pole balancing model in MuJoCo.

    If actuator/motor (direct drive type) is used at a joint, the control input is torque, right?

    What If I use the actuator/motor (direct drive type) for the linear movement in simulation? What is the control input in this case?

    I am trying to build a pole balancing simulation in MuJoCo, and transfer the simulation to the physical system, but I am not sure what kind of actuator I should use.

    My servo motor can be controlled by position, velocity, and torque. So I am confused What kind of actuator I should use among actuator/motor, actuator/position, actuator/velocity.

    Could anybody give me a comment about those issues?

  2. Emo Todorov

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    For a motor attached to a slide joint, the meaning of ctrl is force (in Newtons, assuming all the other model parameters you entered are in SI).

    If you define a position actuator, then ctrl has the meaning of reference position. If you have an actuator that can generate torque and in addition has a position/velocity servo built into it, you need multiple MuJoCo actuators to model it.
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  3. In the case of a motor actuator, is the ctrl a torque in Nm?