Calculating joint space inertia matrix

Discussion in 'Support requests' started by Travis DeWolf, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Hello!

    I am trying to recalculate the joint space inertia matrix (mjData.qM) on my own, and running into difficulties trying to match it. For a simple two-link arm, I'm calculating it as

    qM = sum_i (J_i^T * M_i * J_i)

    where J_i is the Jacobian for the COM of the arm segment i (mj_jacBodyCom) and M_i is the inertia matrix of the arm segment (diag(body_mass, body_inertia])).

    I'm wondering if I need to be rotating the inertia matrix for the arm segment from it's diagonal form before doing the multiplication. Can you provide some insight into what I'm doing incorrectly?