Bakeoff Task31 – Delayed Finger Extension after Grasp

Discussion in 'HAPTIX' started by Tyler Simpson, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    We are using a modified version of Haptix Bakeoff Task31 with capsule objects in mjhaptix150. After issuing velocity commands to close the Luke Hand’s finger, we notice that there is a delay to then reopen the fingers when commanding negative velocity commands to extend. The delay only happens after grasping the object for a period of time. Short contact time with the object does not create much delay. However, the delay to reopen is also dependent on the magnitude of the extension velocity command (i.e. smaller velocities take longer to initiate the extension movement). When there is no object, the Luke Hand grasp is responsive in both directions without delay. Simulation cpu times increase during object contact (from ~0.1ms to ~0.2ms), but still remain less than the timestep of 0.001.

    This delay makes control less intuitive when subjects are blinded to the task in testing mode. Is there some way to disable the delay to extend after grasping an object?