about creating a human like model xml file for my simulations

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  1. Hi, I am working on my phd thesis project and I have to create human-like xml files for my 10 experimental subject. After I create the most realistic human model with my data for the subjects, I will apply a specific force to a specific part of a body. At the end of the day, I will use different AI algorithms on human and humanoid.

    Right now, my biggest problem is to find how to model:
    - Joints (damping, armature, stiffness)
    - Actuators, motors, gears (Do I have to define a gear for joints?)
    - Friction coefficients and parameters

    Whom should I ask for help? I am trying to play with parameters after reading the documentation but I need expert advice.
    Could somebody tell me where to start? I add my subject 1 xml file, and I will add arms (as a fixed body part, without a joint)
    Happy new year,

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  2. Hi,
    I created my human subject file. I put a keyframe with angle information for squat position. My problem is now, my model is jumping after I start the simulation when I start with the position of key frame. What is wrong? It is not jumping, it is falling without key frame start position. I couldn't understand the problem. Please somebody help me :D I also thought that I had a problem with key frame free joint unit quaternion data, so I changed the free joint to 3 joint, 2 hinge 1 slide, but still my model is jumping. Which parameter is related with this issue?

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  3. Ok, I found the problem, gear value for knee is to high :/ But in CMU (deepmind control suite) humanoid model they use the same ratio of gear, so they are somehow not suited for my model :D My new problem is now, how to calculate approximate gear values for a specific subject, if I have the inertia, mass, volume values for each body part ?
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  4. I have a simple problem, after I run
    ./simulate ../model/BodymodelCMUSub1rootslide.xml
    , the human is successfully loaded into the simulator, however, it can not stand. How to make it stand there instead of falling down?
  5. hi, sorry for my late reply, I just saw it. In the mujoco200 simulator interface there are buttons like pause, reset and run. Use them